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Runguard Travel

RunGuard Natural is the latest evolution of anti-chafe products for endurance athletes. Developed and tested over a multi-year period, RunGuard Natural was designed to compete with existing products by offering an updated formulation with high quality, natural ingredients at a lower price. RunGuard Natural is made entirely from plant-based ingredients plus beeswax, and also contains 5 organic ingredients. Be natural and compare RunGuard Natural to other products. We think you’ll like it. After all, a little competition makes good products better and makes better products cheaper.

RunGuard is used to prevent chafing and abrasion during long runs, extended workouts or any activity in inclement weather where chafing is more likely to occur. RunGuard is typically applied where rubbing occurs most: Underarms, inner thighs, groin, bra line, heals and toes.

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  • RunGuard Travel anti-schuur stick
    8,00 € incl. btw In Voorraad
    Levertijd: 1 tot 3 werkdagen
    RunGuard beschermt je tegen pijnlijke schuurplekken tijdens het sporten.

    Gemaakt van 100% natuurlijke, plantaardige ingrediënten en bijenwas.

    Verpakt in een handig travel size voor de avontuurijke sporter

Bekijk 1 - 1 van 1 artikel
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